26 ottobre 2005

Inaugural Reality Check

In keeping with Uncle Fred’s advice on what to write about....

So for my niece’s birthday this year, I bought her a “beta” fish (ok, so I had no idea what that was until I went to the pet store), bowl, rocks, etc. She absolutely loved it, Uncle was happy. Good call, right?

I found this nugget of insanity yesterday.

It made me embarrassed of my brethren across the pond.

Reality: You people are nuts.

4 commenti:

shana ha detto...

I find it interesting that this is going on in Rome, though now that I think of it, the Vatican and Rome are separate entities, aren't they?
Makes me wonder what the new Pope thinks of all this.

still Unreal... ha detto...

Shana –
Not sure what the Pope thinks, but I’m sure we can all guess.

I still can’t get over the fact that there was an actual study that determined the fish go blind.
And people wonder why there isn’t enough money to save all the hungry children in the world. This fight is important for the advancement of humanity?

You know what I say....get real.

Anonimo ha detto...

They may be nuts, but at least they're getting their butts off the couch to walk their dogs. Americans? We'll stick to the couch, grazie.

realdebate ha detto...

Makes me want to go to the pet store.