12 settembre 2008


Simple question for Charles Gibson of ABC news.
Mr.Gibson, you asked Governor Palin whether she supported and/or agreed with the "Bush Doctrine".
Maybe she did.
Maybe she didn't.
Mr.Gibson? What is the Bush doctrine?
Mr.Libson? I believe it is customary to "cite" references. I do understand that, YOU, as an ABC news reader, are accustomed to reading SCRIPT, and that you may not have signed off on or necessarily approve of, BUT.... you seemed to imply that there was a "Bush doctrine". And even after Governor Palin answered your flawed/biased question twice, you continued.
That is laudible Charlie Libson, but.... could you please annotate, just exactly what the basis for your question was?? I mean it's easy to ask "Who won the election in 2000?". Because we all know that GORE did........right?? But, who defined what the "Bush Doctrine" is Mr. Libson?
The entire Charlie Libson "gotcha" moment was predicated on Governor Palin answering a loaded question, based upon Charlie Libson's SELF-INTERPRETATION of what "Bush Doctrine" was defined as.

Sad. Desperate.

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