11 settembre 2008


I can remember exactly where I was on that fateful day.
I was unemployed that month. I was listening to Lazer (shut up) and hearing how the WTC was on fire – the live shots were on TV. Being the large building geek I am, I tuned in to CNN….and watched.
I then saw the second plane hit live.
I thought I was watching tape, until I realized that the other building was already on fire.
I was so stunned, I watched news channels for the rest of that month. Not really looking for a job. It was during this time that I became a Fox News Channel regular.
The proof?
This morning around 8 when FNC (to be fair, so was CNN) was showing the memorials at the Pentagon and WTC live, this was on some of the other channels:
Today Show: Pacino & Deniro interviews
GMA: Dolphin army?
Local Fox: Gus Gnorski on tour in Germantown
MSNBC: Replay of the broadcast featuring Katie and Matt. Katie was still waiting for it to be a bomb.

This is remembrance? Never forget??
Hey, d-bags, even if you disagree with whatever politics, 2,700+ people died from an attack on the US.
I guess they’ll just wash over 12/7, too.
After all, once the obamassiah is on the throne, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the past.
But apparently, stuck on stupid is ok.
Jucking fackasses.

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