08 ottobre 2007

Who Am I?

Yep, its that time.

Clue: No, he's not dead.

**UPDATE: Ok, so e got it on the first try (but he's a weirdo, so it happens). Yep, this is the boy who went from playing "Eddie" in The Courtship of Eddie's Father to the lead singer for The Dead Kennedys. Yikes!
Last time I saw him on tv was in the late 80's...he stunned the audience with his green hair...oooooo....
How times have changed, eh?

You get this, you're weird.
Very Weird.

4 commenti:

Silent E ha detto...

Brandon Cruz????

still Unreal... ha detto...



Silent E ha detto...

I brought in a ringer....... He's a Democrat.

Kate ha detto...

Criminy. I really am old, aren't I. sigh.... I would have never figured out who that is.