19 ottobre 2007


OK, so unlike my fellow bloggers, present at the AFP rally held in Madison on Wednesday, I have been absent in giving my reviews – and pictures – of the event. I fancy myself more of a ‘ranter’ than ‘reviewer.’ The review is: it was AWESOME. I do believe that was my first – and hopefully not last – political rally.
I have to go to more…if nothing else to see that there really are lemmings in the world that hold up moronic signs that say ‘Do Your Job!’ when, gee, the people I voted for ARE doing their job showing some responsibility in their actions and my money. It was nice to meet some bloggers I had never met before, and it was very cool to put faces to the blogs.

Madistan is too cool of a town to be taken over by wingnuts.

2 commenti:

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe ha detto...

As much as small government types like me hate to admit, Madison is cool, at least in part because of the wingnuts.

Silent E ha detto...

Yeah.... It was cool for about 3 hours. Then we went home and the town went back to its moonbat ways.