25 giugno 2007

Time to reevaluate...?

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with MS. At the time, not knowing what the heck it was, the only question I had for the doctor was “Is it contagious?” He assured me that it wasn’t. I shrugged it off and off I went. Ignorance was bliss.
Fast forward 8 years, fall victim to knowledge and über-expensive meds just to do….well, pretty much nothing and your perspective changes.
A few months back, after I had decided to succumb completely to lethargy and apathy brought on by the MS, it seemed like a good idea to move to Iceland …….or Ulaanbaatar and live in a cave. Even went so far as to price out the one-way tickets. After all, it was really all I could do, right?

After complete self-absorption, self-deprecation and self-pity I met someone who, for a while, got me out of that funk.
And what happens when the world you think you know comes crashing down on you for the umpteenth f*@#ing time?

Well, if you guessed that Iceland is just too damn cold and Ulaanbaatar is just a bit too far off the beaten path, you’d be partly right. You then wait a few months to tie up loose ends, then implement the plan, in general – I feel older and wiser, and the destinations have changed.
These are numbers for travel next March. It may seem a long way away, but you all (like 5 of you) know that as you age, time reeeeeeeeeeeeally flies.
All are one-way tickets...
Back to my home town: ~$1,800
Sicily , Godfather-style: ~$1,800
Just outside Florence with the crazy aunt: ~$1,300
Milan , with my cousin – (incredibly cool) son of said crazy aunt: ~$600 (….thru Ireland, 12 hr layover !!!, sweet!)
Lampedusa (I love this isle): I figure I can “boat” there if I go to my hometown…

Yeah, I realize I finally became a (proud) citizen of the USA only to go back “home”, but its as far away as I can get.
I think we have a winner! (yes, I know they are pretty much the same....once I get there it'll be as easy as going from North Dakota to Miami, anyway..)
Besides, I think I can pick up on the language as well as satisfy my inner history geek at the same time.... Thoughts? Other destinations? Anyone? Bueller?