15 giugno 2007

Bias? What bias??!? (part 5, 000,000)

Olberman on a speaking error by an general:

Olberman on this one (ok, everyone has somehow forgotten this little nugget...why do you think that is?)

Lets expand that to ALL media....
Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

12/10,000.....eh, understandable. He had waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more to worry about on the campaign trail than any stupid general. After all, have YOU dealt with The Hillary lately?
Granted Olbermann has been a waste of oxygen (God knows he's on of the main causes of global warming with all the hot air he spews) since he left sports - and even then he was marginally entertaining.
Now he's a caricature. A bitter, blind and stupid one at that.

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