18 maggio 2007

No, there is no end.

RDW has yet another story revolving around the waste surrounding RUSD. To wit, the disgusting brazenness of Supernintendo Hicks to take advantage...FULL advantage of the re-imbursement policy.
A small sample:

[ "Greystone San Diego - $130.14 ($75 for the Mrs)
Commander's Palace - $160.65 ($81.00 for the Mrs)
The Waves - $133.56.
Figs Cucina - San Diego - $100.25
Ray's in the City -
Atlanta - $276.79
Mia Bella Bistro - Lake Geneva - $155.31
The Red Snapper- Atlanta - $196.45
Houlihan's - $62.44
Bentley's - $98.76
" ]

What a ridiculous commentary on the privileges that elected official feel they have.
And then to whine and cry that its "for the children." Give it a rest.

People that do not realize that this kind of garbage is happening in all aspects of government are kidding themselves. Why do you think one of the things accountants ask you to do to minimize your taxes is to start a "side" business so you can deduct certain costs that you normally wouldn't? The sick thing here is, he is on other people's dimes anyway!
I would also, further have to ask how much crap he also deducts on his taxes as "business expenses."

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