10 maggio 2007


Yeah, so basically the guy that changed.....wait, thats not right...

So basically, the guy that is friggin' responsible for that rock n' roll sound, Les Paul, finally gets a day in his name, where he grew up.
So what does the moron, idiot photo editor at the Urinal-sentinal do?
Publish the only, apparently, picture that was taken at the event....signing a damn drum!

[Pioneering musician Paul gets welcome fit for a guitar
The Wizard of Waukesha has returned to his realm. It's been nearly 20 years since Les Paul performed in the city where he was born and raised and started out in show business as a flame-haired teenager calling himself Red Hot Red. But at last, he's back - and ready to plug in. Tonight, the man who was a pioneer in the
development of the electric guitar will perform at the Marriott Milwaukee West hotel.
What an embarrassment ...
The rest.

Good thing you got out, Mr. Paul.
And thanks for everything.
Sorry for the morons running our paper.

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