04 agosto 2006

Slight change of plans...

So I've been thinking about the catastrophic predictions made by some (most) experts about how this hurricane season was going to be so far beyond normal, that it would change the minds of even the most hardened skeptics.

Yeah. Ok. ... yeah.

Apparently, the experts have revised their predictions.
I don’t believe them.
How can I?? These are experts who are "in the know" and certainly smarter than anyone reading this (or writing this for that matter). No, I think their prediction extrapolated from one whole year of devastating hurricanes and the absolute chaos that they promise me is caused by global warming (extrapolated from roughly 1/10,000,0000th of the world’s history - so you know it has to be accurate).
Huh? What did you say? The season's not yet over? Global warming is for real even if this season isn’t as bad as predicted??


With "expert" predictions going from global cooling to global warming in just about 35 years, how many of these "blips" in expert predictions do we endure before they are debunked? An old HS history teacher of mine once said (paraphrasing, of course): All the "save the earth" people cannot be trying to save the earth. It will be here for the next 5 billion years or so - with or without humans. If we have an all out nuclear war tomorrow and kill all the humans, the world will go on. We should be trying to use what we have to our advantage to move forward, not try to "conserve" the earth. It'll still be here, with or without our help.
By the way, is it just my gnat-like brain that sees a downward trend in this graph over the last 15+ years?

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