31 luglio 2006

No, no........NOW we mean it.

I read this headline this morning, and couldn't believe the idiocy of it all.

So the Isrealis "reneged" (thanks to dannyspellcheck for the correction) on their word, and the Arab world is shocked??

This from the pillars of the "all-we-want-is-'our'-land-back" Arab honor community.
Give me a break, now, the're saying they want to play by the rules and treaties?
"Oh, sorry, we didn't really think you were capable of bombing us into glass. So sorry."
Give me a freakin' break.

Reality: If you continue to slap your opponents cheek and he runs out of cheeks to turn, its like poking a sleeping dog or cornered raccoon. Don't act surprised when they attack with pent up years of aggression and kick your ass silly.

2 commenti:

DannyNoonan ha detto...

Did they actually say "renigged" instead of reneged in that article? I couldn't find it. Who are you quoting?

still Unreal... ha detto...

No, just never looked. Always thought thats how it was spelled.
I did look a bit offensive....

I will change. Apologies.