31 luglio 2006

Insert "Jeopardy!" theme here.

This is like the old "Which doesn't belong?" puzzles.

Which one of these incidents will get you the most consternation and scrutiny in Hollywood:

1. A liberal getting busted for heroin, repeatedly. (one of many links available)
2. A liberal getting busted for cocaine, repeatedly. (one of many links available)
3. A liberal getting busted for child molestation, repeatedly. (one of many of his links available)
4. A liberal getting busted for killing his wife, well only once so far. (one of many links available)
5. A conservative busted for drunk driving and alleged comments, once. (still, one of many articles)

Reality: Whether he said those things or not, the libs are drooling right now knowing that they can get rid of another conservative in Hollywood. ('specially one with more dough than them)

3 commenti:

DannyNoonan ha detto...

It's a toss up between 3 and 4. I guess it would have to be OJ though. You don't think 5 is actually in the running for creating the most consternation in Hollywood, do you?

still Unreal... ha detto...

All I've been hearing from pundints today ("conservative" ones) is that he is pretty much finished 'cause he went on an anti-Jewis tirade for no reason....on tape. Zoinks!

OJ is playing golf every day looking for the man who killed his wife on the back 9 somewhere.

DannyNoonan ha detto...

Is OJ making any movies? Or sportscasting? How's Michael Jackson's new album (which actually sounds very good) going to sell in the US?

Do you think Mel will be unable to golf after this?