05 marzo 2009

Never a fan.

Sure, Letterman has had his funny, even hilarious moments. But have you seen it lately?
Holy suckville, Insomniac Man!
Seriously, he usually has 1 guest on.
This week the guests have been (seriously):
Monday - Katie Couric (wtf?! all hour??)
Tuesday - Felicity Huffman and some comic mostly known in New York.
Wednesday - Dr. Phil

So why am I going through this torture?
Well, U2 has a new album and they will be on all week as the musical guests.

This bit made it worth DVR'ing (you're damn skippy I fast forward most of it):

Even when Katie Couric (Katie Couric!!!) was trying to be magnanimous towards W, D-bag -- I mean Letterman, had to take shot after shot at W.
U2 won't be on after Friday.

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