17 aprile 2008


So this is how far we’ve come?

This is just so sick and disgusting that it can only come from the mind of a granola-eating, Birckenstock-wearing, tree-hugging, value-the-life-of-a-gartersnake-more-than-a-human-being lefty.
Think I’m wrong?
Prove it.

I don’t ever want to hear some lefty telling me about what rights we do not have in this country that other countries do.
Like Cuba. Or France.
I’m disgusted.

Ok, so it was "performance art", so it was untrue. However its like I've always said about watching the movie "Se7en" - while it was disturbing to watch, you gotta think "what's up with the people that come up with this shyt?!?!"
...and whats up with the people that actually like this movie......like me.

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