08 gennaio 2008

Enough already!

You know, the media IS going to set up a vote for the next American (idol)President. This election is turning into nothing but a damn popularity contest - not whether the person can lead this country through the minefield of the upcoming world politics and national events.
While he isn't my first choice, Romney won in Wyoming...a state that has ONE less electoral votes than the vaunted and holy New Hampshire.
New Hampshire is closer to the home offices in NYC, however, so its easier to slobber over. According to THIS and many other polls and people I've spoken to across the country, Thompson is ahead by far. The media (and freakin' Iowans) put him at 3rd, tops. I'm sick of this state-by-state crap. No more of this "you didn't make it SuperTuesday" BS.
Its time for a national primary.

...and a college football playoff system.

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