22 novembre 2006

I can't wait to leave...

To leave Diamond Jim's playhouse, that is.
This is his Clinton-esque way of "fighting" for the common man:

"Doyle also said a proposed $80 annual fee to register vehicles each year - up from $55 - is "too high" and a $10 increase would be "more reasonable." The $80 fee was recommended days after the election by the state Department of Transportation."

This comes from the same brain trust that told you to vote for DJ because he balanced the budget. Now some guy in the inner city with an '87 Ford Tempo or a guy with not alot of money (like me) can pay the same amount as some "richie" does on his 3 Land Rovers.
Yay equality!!

I'm done pussy-footing around. The folks that voted this laying sack of dog feces (apologies to actual dog feces for the offense) are just friggin' morons!
Doyle voter: "Huh? What? I didn't see that coming at all...the budget was balanced, see..."
Shut up!
You are (mostly) the same morons that nearly elected a fellow moron as the DA. Good news, tho, she'll still be in the Diamond Jim network and the head of the DNR...but that'll be a post for another day.

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