27 settembre 2006

Ok, you know what?

Time to nuke these f***rs and get rid of them all!!!
I'm sick of this.
Don't mess with "Wolfie", dammit, he's my fav.
I just heard about a movie that had no swearing, sex or nudity that got a "PG" rating from the MPAA-CCCP simply becuse it had too many references to God.

WTF is going on??!?!?!?

No idea.
Confusion abounds.

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JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe ha detto...

PG means "Parental Guidance Suggested." It doesn't mean "has swear words and violence." Lots of parents wouldn't want their kids to watch a movie that tells them that god is real and belief in him is important etc. unless they are around to tell the kid that that is just what some people think. It's and "adult situation" if you will. You may think it's perfectly acceptable tolet your kids watch it. That's fine. MPAA is not law. But personally, I would much rather my kids heard a few F-bombs or saw some boobs than hear the kind of nonsense that movie allegedly perpetuates. So we should all thank the MPAA for giving us a heads up. For the sake of the children.

still Unreal... ha detto...

Yeah, wouldn't want God corrupting the children.

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe ha detto...

"Yeah, wouldn't want God corrupting the children."

Exactly. I mean, look at the middle east. If history has shown us ne thing, the notion of God is bad for people.